Diy ipad case out of a book

Cut out two pieces of fabric 14 inch larger on all sides than the mat board. If your printer gives you a different size you can adjust it easily before you cut the pattern. How to turn a composition notebook into an ipad case 1. I took a razor blade and cut out the pagesthis composition book was on its last leg so they basically fell out. Heres a collection of 141 diy bookshelfbookcase plans and ideas that are look good and easy to build. If you have two hands with at least four working fingers on them, you can make an ipad case. How to make a case for your ipad or kindle using a hollowed out book.

Apr 19, 2014 if you just lose it over leather tech accessories, we get you. Place some heavy books on top and let sit for about an hour or until the glue dries. This is one of the coolest projects ive come across. Whether youve got five bucks or some ingenuity and free time, here are seven cheap or. I used my ipad to measure where the elastic should be placed.

May, 2014 guys and their gadgets its hard to separate the two, isnt it. Bookbook for ipad mini 5 is a gorgeous leather case designed to fit like a glove. Lets face it, if you are buying an ipad for a special someone this holiday season, you are going to be broker than you care to be. How to turn an old book into a useful tablet case diy. Make an ipad or ereader case from a recycled book check out. Guidecentral is a fun and visual way to discover diy ideas, learn new skills, meet amazing people who share your passions and even upload your own diy guides. Duck tape crafts, diy wallet, laptop case, ipad case, do it yourself crafts diy iphone ipad case. I am on a mission to get my kitchen organized without spending a lot of time or money, and this is the fifth step along that journey. This is part 5 of our diy kitchen organization series. Use two pieces of paper to mask off a strip over the join. Now its time to deck it out with all sorts of cool but expensive addons.

This diy case also adds a layer of security to your expensive gadget who would expect a tablet to hide out in an old composition notebook. This is a great idea for a handmade christmas gift theyll love. Tablet cases are expensive to buy, but you can make a sturdy cover in just a few minutes at a fraction of the cost. My book was about the right thickness so i cut all the pages. Make an ipad or ereader case from a recycled book diy. Carry pad suggests using an hollow book as a case for the apple ipad. Make an ipad or ereader case from a recycled book man. Keep cutting out pages until your ipad sits in the hole and is flush with the first page.

How to turn an old book into tablet case create a vintage tablet case that looks like a book. Bookbook for ipad mini 5 hardback leather case twelve south. Apr 16, 2010 so you have yourself a fancy new ipad, eh. It will fool anyone who sees it, into thinking its a simple book. For all the magic that apple promised an ipad box would contain, they definitely left out one thing. Dont forget to show me what your creation looks like by. Home tutorial how to diy a paper case for ipad 4 many people like the way that ipad looks without a protective case. Make your own ipad cover using a repurposed vintage book. How to make an easy diy ipad case from a book here i will show you how to make your very own diy ipad case. Make an ipad or kindle case from an old book and sugru. You want it to be about 14 inch wider on all sides but theres a little wiggle room. Cut down the corners and stop at the marked line, do not cut through the edge. However, we know its obviously inadvisable to carry an ipad without a case, as we will never forgive ourselves once we crack it if the device has no protective case.

Lastly, glue the boards onto the inside covers of the book. The top should be 3 34 in wide and the bottom part 7 34 in. Cut out the middle part of the plastic so youre left with just the frame. To get the best fit, we brought our kindle and ipad with us, this way we just held each tablet up to the book to find the best fit, simple. How to make an easy diy ipad case from a book the dixie lady. To ensure that it doesnt move we used white tac to stick the book to the table and then masking tape to. Cut the pages out and mark the height of the notebook on the plastic insert. The nicest ipad or kindle case can be made from an old leather bound book, the challenge is to find the right size, we found ours in a second hand book shop. How to create a diy ipad case from a composition notebook.

With an old leatherbound book and some sugruthat diy miracle puttyyou can make a greatlooking cover for your tablet or ebook reader. Diy book safe for the ipad a dm favorite, if done well this diy project trumps the competition. Diy a leather tablet case for way less than youd think. And while ive seen quite a few ways to make an ipad case, most of them are things i would love but not ones that my husband would carry. Turn an old book cover into a tablet or ereader case with sugru. Here are ideas for a couple of diy ipad or tablet stands you can make easily and cheaply. How to create your wwn ipad case with a book digital. Sometimes you dont want everyone to know you are carrying around your ipad. Diy kindle book coverthis would be a fun tablet gift wrap too electronics.

Dont forget to show me what your creation looks like by tagging me on instagram or twitter. Here is how i made an easy, inexpensive ipad cover. Jun 29, 2012 the original idea came from brandon who wrote a post on the modern day pirates about making a moleskine ipad case, but i made a few modifications because i didnt want to have to buy professional binding board and i wanted to cover my case in fabric instead of vinyl. The first requires only a bit of foam core art board and an xacto knife. Basically all you need is the plastic case the ipad came in, the. Diy notebook cover for ipad kindle charlimarietv youtube. When your work is done, know that your ipad is safely housed in a protective portfolio designed for the digital world. Its easy to do and you end up with a super unique ipad or kindle cover, so get diy ing. This project is pretty simple and depending on the features you need, rather inexpensive. Then an ipad stand is a necessity tool, which will help you to stabilize your ipad at an comfortable viewing and working angles. Diy ipad cover from composition notebook a tutorial. All thats needed is a used book of about the right thickness and an xacto knife. And for those of you who cant afford the actual ipad but love the cases featured, take a gander at this tutorial over at macworld, and.

Diy ipad cover using a vintage book i used an old disney book the kids werent interested in. Two cheap and easy diy ipad or tablet stands geek in the forest. These easy and clever bookshelves look so much cooler than anything you can buy from a store. Jan 19, 2020 keep reading to find out how to make your own diy under cabinet cookbook or ipad shelf. Not so if you diy your own case out of leather scraps. Perhaps you found a new shiny ipad under your tree this year, or maybe youre just interested in warming up your highend tech gear with some old school, classicguy charm, but youve gotta check out this easy, yet secure, howto for creating an ipad from an inexpensive paper notebook, which would work equally well using an appropriately sized. I wanted an ipad case and i have fabric stash, so the two came together to make this diy ipad case. Turn an old book cover into a tablet or ereader case with. Your daily dose of crafts, recipes, beauty, fashion.

Check out the full tutorial over on ashley hackshaws blog. May 02, 2015 how to turn an old book into a useful tablet case diy technology tutorial guidecentral guidecentral english. The thick cardboard protects your tablet from dust and scratches, and provides a convenient way of holding it so you dont get fingerprints on the screen. The technique is more or less the same but you need to careful when choosing the book for the ipad case it should have proper padding around the sides and the thickness of the book pages should be enough to support your ipad. Plus i wanted a book style cover for the ipad we share, so this is what i came up with. This case is made from one long piece of leather, so all you need to do is cut one piece for each case you intend to make. Take your ipad to a secondhand book shop or thrift store. How to turn an old book into tablet case snapguide. You can find old leatherbound books at the secondhand shop for a dollar or two, whereas new leaterh. Today we are making a cool cover book for your favorite tablet with your own hands, and then decorating it. Cut four pieces of elastic, and glue onto the corners of one of the boards. Previously profiled on design milk, the book ipad case is still distinct among the emerging ipadasbook trend. Jul 12, 2011 turns out it was pretty easy using the box my ipad came in, some hair elastics and a notebook with the pages removed.

In this video i will tell you the materials you need in order to make a pretty cool case for your ipad, nook, kindle, or even your laptop. An ipad is not as easy as an iphone to carry out for its bigger size. Diy ipad cover using a vintage book dump your frump. We provide a space for makers to share their handmade crafts, home decor projects, fashion and beauty tips, homemade recipes and other life. Diy tablet stand 10 cheap and clever ideas bob vila. If you have an ipad, here are the sizes of the pieces you need to cut.

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