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A collection of english esl worksheets for home learning, online practice, distance learning and english classes to teach about like, ing, like ing. We can use hate, like, love and prefer with an ing form or with a toinfinitive. Students begin by matching opinion verbs with pictures. One copy of the worksheet for each student this is an accuracybased pairwork guessing activity. Grammar worksheet gerunds used as objects complete the sentences below by using the ing gerund form of the verbs on the right. A collection of downloadable worksheets, exercises and activities to teach like love hate, shared by english language teachers. But many people find it hard to do as much as they would like. English esl worksheets, activities for distance learning. Two easy exercises to improve the use of the gerund and to express likes and dislikes. Do something occasionally that is only for you, something you enjoy. Hate, like, love and prefer english grammar today uma referencia a gramatica e uso do ingles escrito e falado cambridge dictionary.

Gerund or infinitive exercise 1 answers 1 i cant stand waiting in queues. I could tell that sandra didnt like being photographed though she didnt say a word. The verbs like, love and hate can be followed by ing or the infinitive when talking about repeated actions. When we use would or d with hate, like, love, prefer, we use the toinfinitive, not the ing form. I like to eat fruit means that i think that it is good. Remember to use as many times as you can the verbs love, enjoy, like and hate. When we use these verbs, we can follow the verb with either the gerund or the infinitive, which are different in form and have slightly different meanings the structures are.

The verbs love, like, enjoy, dislike, not mind, can. With these worksheet your students will be able to practice the verbs like, love and hate followed by a verb in the ing form. I like to eat fruit are correct, but they have different meanings. The verbs like, love and hate are used to express something we like or dislike and to express preferences and tastes. British english or american english i love to read long novels. Hobbies and what you like doing english exercise how to complete the exercise on hobbies and what you like doing. American english but when we are talking about situations, we use the ing.

In general we prefer to use the verb ing after like, love or hate. You can do the exercises online or download the worksheet as pdf. Before recording yourself, study the aspects that will be evaluated, they are described in the following rubric. When you have your recording, go back to the grammar explanation and check the correct use of verbs the verbs like, enjoy, love and hate. Play our grammar games and have fun while you learn.

These two options have identical meaning, you can use one or the other without variation in the sense of the phrase. In this beginner lesson you will learn the grammar to form simple sentences with the verbs like, love and hate in english. In this exercise, you may practise how to express your likes and dislikes with like love hate. Then ask a friend the same questions and write there answers in the last column. Welcome to esl printables, the website where english language teachers exchange resources. We can use like, love, hate, and dont mind to talk about how we. Hate, like, love and prefer english grammar today a reference to written and spoken english grammar and usage cambridge dictionary.

Foreign students normally forget that when we are using the verb like for general situations, the following verb has the ing form. Jul 05, 2018 being physically active has enormous benefits for your physical and mental health. If like is in the negative, a gerund refers to an action that we do but dont enjoy doing, while a toinfinitive means that we dont do something because we dont think it right to do. Mosquitoes fly around us at night and they drink our blood. Gerunds and infinitives gerunds a gerund is a noun formed by adding ing to the verb. Write love, like, dont like, doesnt like, dislike or hate in the following gaps. You will also learn some vocabulary for sports and activities that. These diseases kill two million people around the world every year.

Weekends are great because i really like sleeping late but i dont like tidying my room i have to do this if my mum says so. When verbs like cant bear, like, love, hate, prefer are followed by the ing form, they tend to refer to a general activity. My friends would like celebrate the end of the course in port aventura. In american english, the forms with to infinitive are much more common than. English in motion 4 workbook practice exercises created date.

Please contact me if you have any questions or comments. Oct 22, 2015 simple explaination about the constructions of verbes after like, love, hate. Print the reference card, activity sheet and test for more practice. Love like dont mind hate noun coffee i love coffee. Esercizi inglese new active english grammar schede 2630. Weekends are great because i really like sleeping late but i dont like. Listening sobre love, like, dislike y hate likes dislikes listening ejercicios adjetivos ing y ed exercises about ed and ing adjectives. Likes and dislikes interactive and downloadable worksheet. After enjoy we have the verb ending in ing, in this case playing. Likes and dislikes langua ge obje ctive t alk ab ou t likes and dislikes. You must always use the infinitive with the expressions would love to, would hate to, etc. Lorsquon veut exprimer une action, on met le verbe sous sa forme en ing apres chaque expression. But when these verbs are followed by the infinitive, they tend to refer to particular occasions.

Anyway, i like gym and art, but i prefer science because im crazy for animals. English esl like ing worksheets most downloaded 214. The verbs like, love, prefer, and hate are used with nouns i like chips. Here are five self love exercises to incorporate into your weekly routine. In pairs or small groups, students talk about the questions in the boxes, paying special attention to the verb pattern normally infiniti. Love and hate in conflict resolution portland state university. I like eating fruit means that i enjoy eating fruit, when i taste an apple or an orange etc i feel good. Verbs ending in cvc 2nd column medium level activity 4.

Students complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs. Likes and dislikes esl activities, worksheets and games. Evans pdf on blackboard discussion question 4 129 hate opotowmcclelland pdf on blackboard discussion question grads. Write sentences about patrick with love, not like, like, or hate and a verb phrase. I dont like history very much and i hate maths lessons. This could be a movie, a good book, a bubble bath or a long swim. Ingilizce dilbilgisi egzersiz studios pin up cartoons egzersiz. They have got thousands of eggs and they leave their eggs in the water. Words with the ending ing in english sentences exercise. Like love hate sentences worksheet hi there how is it going. Exercise on words ending in ing and the parts of speech. I really like music and i love portuguese lessons, but my favorite subject is english, of course.

Gerunds can be used after the verbs love, like, dislike, hate, and enjoy. I dont mind doing my homework but i hate practising the piano. I like going to school, and i love seeing my friends. They sometimes carry viruses or the malaria bacteria. Aug 11, 2015 like most skills, self love can be practiced and mastered. Complete the sentences below by using the ing gerund form of the verbs on the right.

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