Ruger mini 30 583 series

Simple, rugged, garandstyle action with breech bolt locking system, a fixedpiston gas system and selfcleaning moving gas cylinder gives unparalleled reliability under harsh operating conditions. Im thinking about picking up another mini 14 rr, maybe even a mini 30. You can buy ruger mini 30 with confidence from thousands of. This is the after video of the used 580 series ruger mini 14.

I purchased a brand new 583 series mini 30 stainless with 18. Mini 14 accessories ruger rifle 30 muzzle brake gas block. Ruger mini 14 mini thirty rifle autoloading rifle models. Question ruger 583 series mini 30 question shooting. Sep 5, 2016 583 series mini14 fitted with bsa 1x30 red dot sight and thermold polymer magazine. Just had my new to me 583 series mini 14 ranch rifle out to finish a sitein at camp. How to disassemble a ruger mini 14 or mini 30 rifle youtube. Stock sights are fairly accurate to 300 yds with wolf polyformance 125 gr ammo. Find the ruger mini 30 for sale at, the worlds largest gun auction site.

My first experience with the ruger mini14 was in the late 1970s shortly after the little. I started out with some american eagle 123gr brass fmj ammo to zero scope. Tech sights mini200 adjustable aperture sight for the. It is not necessarily the very first serial number shipped, but it can be used to. The ruger mini 14s biggest problem and how to fix it. The accuracy systems tuneable gas block was too small for my 580 series mini14 target rifle. On the perfect union website i believe members found out the 582 series has an updated firing pin design to accommodate the mini 30 and steel cased ammunition and berdan primers.

Hogue rubber over molded stock for ruger, mini 1430 post. Ruger mini 14 mini thirty rifle autoloading rifle model. In the video, i demonstrate this process using a ruger mini 30 tactical. Can anyone tell me the technical differences between a series 582 mini14 and what i understand is the most current iteration that is series 583. Shooting sports forum rifle forum ruger mini14 and mini30. Ruger talk the community for ruger firearms owners. In 1987, ruger introduced the mini thirty rifle chambered for the russian 7. Ruger had sent my dad one to try out, and, as a teenage shooter, i. This number should be used as a point of reference only. Ten ruger mini14thirty accessories that are actually.

This is an overview of the ruger mini30 tactical 581 series rifle and a comparison to an older version 187 series rifle. Order ruger mini14 ranch 580 series rifle parts, accessories and more with numrich gun parts corp americas leading rifle parts supplier. The changes that ruger made in the mini14 have been great, but. Have there been any significant changes with the 583 and now the 584 series. Mini 14 series changes ruger talk the community for. Made for a number of rifles, it allows optics to be added while still being able to use the factory iron sights. Galati international offers many aftermarket parts and accessories to compliment the popular ruger mini 14, including magazines, muzzle. New mini14 ranch rifles rollmarked with mini thirty rifles beginning in 2009. The above chart shows the approximate first serial number shipped for the indicated year. The second sight series of aimtech mounting systems for modern rifles is a nononsense, nofrill mounts are made of a solid bar of heat treated aluminum which has been precisely fitted ruger mini series.

This tiny m1style carbine weapon was designed to be amazingly rugged, especially considering how it was originally crafted for the whacking of sly coyotes on the open range. Hogue overmolded stock black matrix extended mag release. Easily adjusted for windage and elevation 12 moa windage, 1. So far only modsaddons are a good trigger job, wolff hammer spring, and a vortex strike eagle 16 scope. With products made in america, ruger offers consumers almost 700 variations of more than 40 product lines. Ruger mini14 and mini30 ruger mini14 and mini30 family of rifles linkback. Im new on here folks so please excuse me if im posting in the wrong place but im in need of some help here. Covered in the video is its awful reliability, mediocre accuracy, lack of versatility, and high. My 583 series that ive had for a year is absolutely reliable and will hold 23 iron sight groups even with my now far sighted eyes sight picture isnt as sharp as it used to be. Mini thirty serial numbers rollmarked with mini 14 ranch rifles beginning in 2001. Buy the best front and rear sights available for the ruger mini 14 and ruger mini 30 rifles. Ruger mini 30 arrived in excellent condition as nd is a welcome addition to our safety.

Mini thirty serial numbers rollmarked with mini14 ranch rifles beginning in 2001. The mini 14 i had back in the late 90s was absolutely reliable but held 56 iron sight 100 yard groups. In the early 1970s, ruger released their mini14, an autoloading ranch rifleloosely based on the action of the military m14chambered for the. Mgw stocks thousands of both ruger oem gun parts as well as performance upgrades from many wellknown manufactures. The above chart shows the approximate first serial number. New tooling and tighter tolerances make for a sharper shooting ruger ranch rifle. I know the newer 580 serial numbers are allot different and supposed to be more accurate than the early guns. They probably modified the regular mini 14 pins the same way just for simplicity of production.

These upgraded rifles have serial numbers beginning with 580 and are sometimes referred to as 580 series ranch rifles. American riflemans brian sheetz tells why the ruger mini thirty is a great all around carbine for target shooting, hunting, predator control and. It doesnt get much more american than the old ruger ranch rifle. The ruger mini14s biggest problem and how to fix it. Many people do not know that ruger is one of the largest investment casting and heat treating companies in the us. For 70 years, ruger has been a model of corporate and community responsibility. Shop for ruger mini30 rifle parts 186, 189, 196197 series, accessories and more with numrich gun parts corp. We have some of the best ruger mini14 tactical rifle replacement stocks made in different colors to choose. None of the three or four tight and the fifth 5 inches out with the 180 and 181 series carbines.

Hogue stock ruger mini 1430 ranch rifle post 180 serial numbers fde 78300. Archangel precision stock ruger mini 14 and mini thirty black polymer. Ruger mini 14 30 rifle hand guards rifles guard accuracy. The mini30 is an excellent deer rifle, especially since in many places its illegal to hunt deer with calibers smaller than 6mm.

Will not fit new post 580, 581,582, 583 and 584 series, if your serial number starts with these 1st three digits it will not fit order number m1ars. Ruger mini14 question registered users do not see the above ad. Ruger mini thirty stainless synthetic tactical while the ar15 gets all the glory these days, rugers popular mini14 and minithirty rifles appeal to many shooters looking for either a more traditionallooking gun or a gray man websearch it if. This isnt the old mini everyone joked about in regard to accuracy. With a filthy cheap barska 3 to 9 it posted 2 inch groups constantly. Fits all ranch rifle models pre and post 580 series, mini 14, mini 30, 6. Truglo trubrite 30 series illuminated tactical rifle scope includes scope mount, 39 x 42mm. Ruger mini 14 30 rifle front sight rear sights rifles accuracy. Mini 14 and 30 rifles pre 2005 all steel construction.

Our awardingwinning products all prove that ruger has a rugged, reliable firearm to meet every shooters needs. In the days before amateur, highprecision shooting from the bench, gun consumers werent. Fast forward to 1987, and youd see the first advertisements for the second in this series of rifles. With its tighter manufacturing tolerances, the new mini14 is more accurate than ever. The mini14 is manufactured in many different variants, like the ranch version with scope base, the mini30 7. Ruger rifle parts such as the ever popular 1022, 77 and 96 models, the ruger mini14 and mini 30 platforms as well as todays ruger american rifle. Tech sights mini200 adjustable aperture sight for the ruger mini. Ruger parts for pistols like the popular lc9 series and sr series pistols as well as many parts for the mark series pistols and more. Archangel precision stock ruger mini 14 and mini t. The ruger mini 14 30 ranch rifle is one of the most popular guns and we have a full line of aftermarket ruger mini 14 folding stock for sale, scopes, mounts muzzle brakes and tactical accessories made for the ruger mini 14 30 ranch rifle. This item hogue rubber over molded stock for ruger, mini 1430 post 180 serial numbers 78000 magpul hunter american fixed stock for ruger american short action rifles, flat dark earth hogue, rubber overmolded stock for ruger, 1022 standard. Ruger mini 14 accessories shop ruger mini 1430 tactical. The sturm ruger mini 14 and mini 30 are popular us semiautomatic rifles.

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